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Hotforex PAMM

Hotforex PAMM is an account for investments - anyone can invest, regardless of their knowledge of financial markets. They do not need to do anything, and the account manager works for them. Account managers, in their turn, earn rewards for successfully managing clients' finances.

PAMM Hotforex - working principles

The manager opens a PAMM account Hotforex and places his capital there, the so-called Manager's Capital. Within a month he trades and creates a recorded track. Then the trader creates a PAMM Manager offer and starts to recruit clients. In the Offer, they write what percentage he will take for successful trading.

Hotforex PAMM1


Investors open a PAMM Investor Account and choose a manager. They can see the ratings of PAMM traders and select the one that best suits their goals. The Hotforex rating can be filtered:

  • by active/inactive strategies

  • current results

  • minimum deposit

  • profits and other performance

Having chosen a manager, investors transfer funds to him. If the manager generates profit, they receive Success fee, a percentage for success. All profits and losses received by Hotforex PAMM manager are distributed among investors according to the amount of invested funds.

Advantages for PAMM investors

Investors may not manage funds themselves but trust an experienced manager. The managers are also interested in the profits because they have invested their own money in the account. It is one of the main requirements of the broker Hotforex Indonesia.

Investors see periodic reports on accounts, and the results of the management work can be evaluated at any time. Account transparency is the second important requirement of an international broker.

It is always possible to deposit and withdraw funds from an investor account, at any time of the working day. Moreover, the investor does not pay any fees. Withdrawals can be made in three ways:

  1. Profit Only - this option is available when there is a profit in the account. Profit is withdrawn in full, regardless of the requested amount.

  2. Standard withdrawal - you can withdraw the amount from the current investment volume

  3. Account Closure - the investor completely withdraws all investments transferred to the manager.

Security Hotforex Indonesia

Investors can protect their funds by choosing the right level. It is the parameter of the maximum allowed risk level that the investor is ready to accept. Investor assigns a certain amount from the investment, which remains intact in case of loss. Managers mark the possibility of assigning this level on their page - the investor sees this icon in the overall rating.

Hotforex PAMM2


Besides, there is a Stop Out Level indicator. If your investment in a manager account falls to 5 dollars, it will be removed from your Hotforex PAMM account.

There is a Trading Period - this is the minimum time for new investors to spend with the selected manager. The period is counted from the first deposit. When the time runs out, all investments are automatically returned to the investor. If the client wants to withdraw money before the minimum period is over, he will pay a fine.

Broker Hotforex Indonesia provides the most secure and safe environment for investments in PAMM!


Our Advantages

Free Funding

Multiple trading accounts

Insurance for clients’ funds


Zero Spread Account

Raw spreads with 0 markups

Low Commissions

Low Cost Trading


Bonus Offerings

100% Supercharged Bonus

100% Credit Bonus


Become an Affiliate

Earnings up to $15 per lot

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